Basic conversation in Kannada | Introduction in Kannada through English

Hi, Hello, Namasthe! Welcome to Kannada learning through English. We have framed simple lessons through which you can learn Kannada easily. Kannada is the oldest language and is a very rich language. This is an introductory lesson and you will learn some basic conversations, which are commonly used in Kannada. I have made a quick video on this lesson, which I have embedded it below. Kindly have a look.

Basic conversation in Kannada | Introduction in Kannada through English

Video to illustrate basic conversation in Kannada

Hi or Hello: Namaskara or Namasthe

How are you?: Hegiddeera?

I am fine: Chennagiddeeni.

Hope you are fine: Chennagiddeera?

Then, what's up?:
Matte, enu samachara?

What is your name?: Nimma hesarenu?

My name is Rama: Nanna hesaru Rama.

Where is your house?:
Nimma mane elli?

My house is in Jayanagara:
Nanna mane Jayanagaradalli.

Had your breakfast?: thindi aitha? or Tiffin aitha?

Yes..breakfast over: thindi aithu.

Had your lunch or dinner?: Oota aitha? or Oota madidra?

Yes..had my lunch:
Nanna oota aithu.

Had your coffee?: Coffee aitha? or Coffee kududra?

Yes..Had coffee: Coffee aithu or Coffee kudide.

I am learning Kannada: Naanu Kannada kalitha iddeeni 

I know a little Kannada:
Nanage swalpa swalpa Kannada barutte

See you, bye:
Matte sigona, barthini 

See you tomorrow:
Naale sigona.