How to address relatives in Kannada | Relation addressing in Kannada

Through this lesson learn how to address relatives like father, mother, brother, uncle etc., Relation addressing is given in Kannada through English.

How to address relatives in Kannada | Relation addressing in Kannada

Father: Appa
Mother: Amma
Elder brother: Anna
Elder sister: Akka
Younger brother: Thamma
Younger sister: Thangi
Father-in-law: Maava
Mother-in-law: Atte
Brother-in-law: Baava
Sister-in-law: Attige
Son-in-law: Aliya
Daughter-in-law: Sose
Grand father: Ajja | Thaatha 
Grand mother: Ajji
Father's elder brother | Mother's elder sister's husband: Doddappa
Father's elder brother's wife | Mother's elder sister: Doddamma
Father's younger brother | Mother's younger sister's husband: Chikkappa
Father's younger brother's wife | Mother's younger sister: Chikkamma
Father's sister's husband | Mother's brother: Maava
Father's sister | Mother's brother's wife: Atte
Husband: Ganda
Wife: Hendathi
Son: Maga
Daughter: Magalu
Boy Friend: Geleya | Snehitha
Girl Friend: Gelathi | Snehithe

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