First person addressing in Kannada | Prathama purusha Kannada

Through this lesson learn first person addressing or addressing yourself. First person addressing is known as "prathama purusha" in Kannada. Learn words and short sentences which illustrates the first person addressing. Learn spoken Kannada through English using this lesson.

First person addressing in Kannada | Prathama purusha Kannada

Video to illustrate first person addressing in Kannada

I: Naanu | Nanage
We: Naavu | Namage

For example,
I will go: Naanu hoguttene.
We will go: Naavu hogutteve.
I did not like it: Nanage ishta aagalilla.
We did not like it: Namage ishta aagalilla.

My: Nanna 
Our: Namma
For example,
This is my book: Idu nanna book (or pusthaka).
This is our book: Idu namma book (or pusthaka).

Mine: Nannadu | Nandu 
Ours: Nammadu | Namdu
For example, 
This is mine: Idu nannadu.
This is ours: Idu nammadu.

Me: Nanage | Nange 
Us: Namage | Namge
For example,
Give it to me: Nanage kodu.
Give it to us: Namage kodi.

From me: Nanninda | Nanna kadeyinda
From us: Namminda | Namma kadeyinda

For me: Nanage | Nanagagi | Nanagoskara
From us Namage | Namagagi | Namagoskara

Like me: Nannange | Nanna hage
Like us: Nammange | Namma hage

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