Verbs in Kannada | Learn future tense verbs in Kannada

Through this lesson learn how to use future tense verbs in Kannada. Verbs in Kannada are explained through words and short sentences. Please note, past tense verbs changes from person to person. So below the future tense verbs in Kannada are listed in the order..First person, Second person, Male, Female, First person-plural, Second person-plural, animal-place-things

Verbs in Kannada | Learn future tense verbs in Kannada

Will do: maaduttene | maaduttane | maaduttale | maadutteve | maaduttare | maadutte
For example, 
I will do it : Naanu maadthini (first person)
You will do it : Neenu maadthiya (second person)
He will do it : Avanu (Ivanu) maadtaane(male)
She will do it : Avalu (Ivalu) maadtaale(female)
We will do it : Naavu maadtivi (first person-plural)
They will do it : Avaru (Ivaru) maadtaare (first person-plural)
Dog will do it : Naayi maadutte (place, animals, things)

Will eat: thinnuttene | thinnuttane | thinnuttale | thinnutteve | thinnuttare | thinutte
For example, 
I ate it : Naanu thinde (first person)
You ate it : Neenu thinde (second person)
He ate it : Avanu thinda (male)
She ate it : Avalu (Ivalu) thindalu (female)
We ate it : Naavu thindvi (first person-plural)
They ate it : Avaru (Ivaru) thnindru (first person-plural)
Dog did it : Naayi thindithu (place, animals, things)

will drink: kudithini | kudithaane | kudithaale | kudithivi | kudithaare | kudiyutte
will write: barithini | barithaane | barithaale | barithivi | barithaare | bariyutte
will read: odthini | odthaane| odthaale| odthivi | odthaare | odutte
will jump: haarthini | haarthaane| harthaale | haarthivi | haarthaare | harutte
will sing: Haadthini | haadthaane | hadthaale | hadthivi | haadthaare | hadutte
will play: adthini | adthaane | adthaale | adthivi | adthaare | adutte
will speak: maathaadthini | maathaadthaane | maathaadthaale | maathaadthivi | maathaadthaare | maathaadutte
will listen: kelthini| kelthaane | kelthaale | kelthivi | kelthaare | kelutte
will look: Nodthini | Nodthaane | nodthaale | nodthivi | nodthaare | nodutte
will sit: koorthini | koorthaane | koorthaale | koorthivi | koorthaare | koorutte
will sleep: malgthini | malagthaane | malagthaale | malagthivi | malagthaare | malagutte
will stand: nilthini | nilthaane | nilthaale | nilthivi | nilthaare | nillutte

may do it: maadabahudu
may eat: thinna bahudu
may drink: kudiya bahudu
may write: bareya bahudu
may read: oda bahudu
may jump: haara bahudu
may sing: Haada bahudu
may play: aada bahudu
may speak: mathaada bahudu
may listen: kela bahudu
may look: Noda bahudu
may sit: koora bahudu
may sleep: malaga bhudu
may stand: nilla bahudu

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