Verbs in Kannada | Learn verbs in Kannada conversation

Through this lesson learn how to use verbs in Kannada conversation. Verbs in Kannada are listed and explained through words and short sentences. We have also made a quick video on verbs in Kannada, which we have embedded it below. Kindly have a look.

Video: Verbs in Kannada

Verbs in Kannada | Learn present tense verbs in Kannada

Do: maadu | maadi
For example, 
Do this work : ee kelasa maadu (singular) | Ee kelasa maadi (plural)

Eat: thinnu | thinni
For example, 
Eat this banana: Ee balehannu thinnu (singular) | Ee balehannu thinni (plural).

Drink: kudi | kudiyiri
For example, 
Drink the juice: juice kudi (singular) | juice kudiyiri | juice kudiri (plural).

Write: bare | baribareyiri 
For example, 
Write a letter: ondu letter bari (singular) | ondu letter bareyiri (plural).

Read: odu | odi
For example, 
Read this book: Eee book odu (singular) | Eee book odi (plural)

Jump: haaru | haari
For example, 
jump from the steps: mettilininda haaru (singular) | mettilininda haari (plural)

Sing: Haadu | Haadi
For example, 
Sing a song: ondu haadu haadu (singular) | ondu haadu haadi (plural)

Play: adu or adiko | adi or adikolli
For example, 
Play here: illi aadu or illi adiko (singular) | illi aadi or illi adikolli (plural)

Talk | Speak: mathadu | mathadi
For example, 
Speak loudly: Joragi mathadu (singular) | joragi mathadi (plural)

Listen: kelu | keli
For example, 
Listen to this song: Ee hadu kelu (singular) | Ee hadu keli (plural)

Look | See: Nodu | Nodi
For example, 
Lokk at that bike: Aa bike nodu (singular) | Aa bike nodu (plural)

Sit: kulithuko or koothko | kulithukolli or koothkolli

Sleep: malagu or malko | malagi or malkolli

Stand: nillu or nithko | nilli or nithkolli

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  1. Thank you..
    Please give answer for these below verbs
    1. Climb, climb this tree
    2. Come down, come down from the tree