Time in Kannada | How to tell time in Kannada

Learn how to tell time in Kannada. In this chapter we have listed different words and sentences that are related to time. I have also made a video on topic, which I have embedded it below. Kindly have a look.

Time in Kannada

Time: Samaya

Hour: Ghante
Minute: Nimisha
Second: Second

1/4 hour: Kaalu ghante

1/2 an hour: Ardha ghante
3/4 hour: Mukkalu ghante

1.5 hours: Onduvare ghante

2.5 hours: eraduvare ghante

[Refer numbers in Kannada]

How long: Eshtu hottu?
Little time: Swalpa hottu
What time is the show?: Show eshtu hottige?

What is the time?: Samaya eshtu aithu? | Time eshtaithu?

Time is 3 o clock: Samaya mooru ghante

Morning: Beligge

Afternoon: Madyanha
Evening: Sanje
Night: Raathri or Raathre
Midnight: Madhya rathre