Conversation with an auto rikshaw driver in Kannada

Through this lesson learn conversation with an auto rikshaw driver in Kannada. A sample conversation in Kannada and English is given here. Conversation with an auto driver includes simple sentences which are commonly used in the conversation.

Conversation with an auto rikshaw driver in Kannada | Learn conversation in Kannada

Video: Conversation with an auto rikshaw driver

Can you come to malleshwaram?: Malleshwaram barthira?

How much does it costs to Jayanagar?: Jayanagarakke ehshtagutte? | Jayanagarakke eshtu charge madthira?

I will show you the way: Naanu nimage daari thorusthini 
I will tell you the way: Naanu nimge daari helthini

Turn right: Right (balakke) turn madi | Allinda right thagolli | Balagade hogi

Turn left: Left (edakke) turn madi | Allinda left thagolli | Edagade hogi

Go straight: Nera hogi | Straight hogi

Go slow: Swalpa nidhana hogi

Go fast, I am getting late: Swalpa bega hogi, nange late agtha ide

Can please stop near the shop?: Aa shop hathra swalpa nillusthira? | 
Stop near the shop: Aa shop hathra nillisi

How much? (At the end): Eshtaithu?


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