Learn conversations in Kannada | Conversation in Kannada through English

We have many lessons with conversations. Through these lessons learn conversations in Kannada through English.

  1. Basic conversation in Kannada
  2. Conversation in a shop
  3. Conversation with neighbour
  4. Conversation with driver
  5. Conversation as a tourist

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  1. Kannada WordsLearn Kannada through basic and common words.
  2. Kannada NamesLearn names of vegetables, birds, animals, flowers, fruits etc., in Kannada.
  3. Sentences: Start learning simple Kannada sentences, which you will be using in day today activities.
  4. Kannada ConversationsLearn conversations in Kannada. Conversation in market, with taxi driver, with shop keeper etc.,
  5. Wishes in KannadaWishes or greetings in Kannada. Send birthday, anniversary and celebration wishes in Kannada.
  6. Kannada writing: Learn Kannada script or Kannada writing through easy and quick videos.
  7. Kannada GrammarKannada is a grammar rich language. Learn basics of Kannada grammar
  8. Kannada SongsSea of Kannada songs. The lyrics are given in both English and Kannada.
  9. Kannada CuisineCome in and explore Kannada cuisine or food. Karnataka vegetarian recipes are explained.
"Learn Kannada easily through these simple lessons. We also take up online Kannada classes through skype and whatsapp. If you are interested, drop a message through our contact page or through our Facbook page."

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  1. Please upload more new and difficult tenses and vocabulary mam.