Month in Kannada | Kannada maasagalu | Chaithra Vaishaka | January to December in Kannada

Learn Month name in Kannada. There are 12 months in Kannada and is familiar by name maasagalu. Maasa will follow the Months of English Calendar but not exactly. Small lagging and leading will be there. Go through the below table for clear understanding. Chaithra, Vaishaka, Jyeshta...are known as Kannada Months.
  1. March/April: Chaithra
  2. April/May: Vaishakha
  3. May/June: Jyeshtha
  4. June/July: Ashadha
  5. July/August: Sravana
  6. August/September: Bhadrapada
  7. September/October: Ashvayuja
  8. October/November: Karthika
  9. November/December: Margashira
  10. December/January: Pushya
  11. January/February: Magha
  12. February/March: Phalguna

Season: Kaala
Summer season: Besigegaala
Winter season: Chaligaala
Rainy season: Malegaala


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